Ahoy, Dress Lovers!

This dress, like the one posted right before it, was snapped up in a pre-sale before I even established my shop! It’s perfect, gorgeous, wonderful, crispy cotton vintage deliciousness. The photo does not do it justice. Mostly because I still suck and photos and am learning.

No tag inside means the dress was probably lovingly handcrafted by the world’s hippest seamstress. The back even has rickrack down the seams for no other reason than rick rack rocks. Rick rack rocks! Say that a bunch of times fast. Like I’m doing right now.

I don’t know why my family thinks I’m so weird. Whatever, jerks.

From Marilyn:

One of my nurse friends had this dress, or very similar. Sweetest woman you’d ever want to meet and a lot smarter than she acted on first meeting. Worked mental health and was just topnotch — so much compassion and a lot of understanding of life for someone in her 20s.

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