A Panther in the Grass


Slinky. Striking. Fitting. Thriving.

The flowers reach for the sky. Which is green. And the dirt is black. But so what? Don’t you want to slink through this meadow?

This small very silky poly shirt has all buttons and all snazz. I wore it as a work shirt, of all things. There is a tag that says PANTHER or PANTER (it’s one or the other, and the shirt is upstairs and I’m in the basement on the computer and I don’t want to go look rn) but it’s too faded to see the original size. Size small, that’s what. It’s stretchy and soft. The collar is small and discreet instead of huge and fly. I’m thinking 1970s.


Pit2Pit: 19
Waist: 14
Bottom: 17
Length: 23
Collar band: 15

Price is $15 plus shipping so you can email me to call dibs on this beauty!

If you’d like matching earrings created and chosen by Kid2, they are $10 more, same shipping!


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