Gotcha By Your Short Pearlies

What even is happening here? This short, satiny, quilted, rather unique miniskirt has a band of pearls at the bottom that looks like you dipped yourself in jewelry! The skirt, 1990s, I’m thinking, is in great shape. No real picks in the satin that I can see. It has not been worn in public while in my possession for reasons. Many reasons. It has a tag: “Sebatu” size L. Haha, sure, “L”. The back does not have the pearls so you will be able to sit down (KEEP THOSE KNEES TOGETHER…unless you don’t want to) without tons of pearls digging into you. Clever!

Measurements are:

Waist: 14
Length: 17

Well at least it’s longer than it is wide! It’s $20 plus shipping, so email me if you want to be Sheena Easton. Wait, that was the 1980s. Dang, when WAS this skirt? It’s very Contempo Casuals but at the same time it’s really well made. It does have a tag!

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