Pink and Orange Equal Whoa!

Like the green dress I posted a bit ago, this lovely, flowing shift is a silky thin fabric that probably isn’t silk. I don’t know how to verify these things. It’s lined with a contrast yellow shade, and it’s got two little side pleats at the hem so you can kick around a bit. The print is eye-catching — sometimes it seems blurry and sometimes it seems confetti bright! I liked to wear this one with a pair of yellow and green pumps back when I had cause to dress up. The dress has no tag. Hand made by someone ten billion times more skilled than me. 1960’s shift style.

The back of the dress has a little surprise. There’s a waterfall of ties that will sway behind you when you, well, walk around, I guess? Or maybe they will bounce. I mean, I couldn’t SEE myself from behind so I’m not sure what they’ll do. Pictured below!


Pit2Pit: 20
Bust: 19.5
Waist: Maybe 19, but it seems about 20 the rest of the way down.
Length: 42

Price: $25 plus shipping. Email me to call dibs!

I can’t find any flaws with it besides the mean way it no longer fits. That is a HUGE flaw in most of my collection, to be frank. I just hope it fits YOU. Also, I think this fabric would hide stains really well if you were eating ice cream and it melted before you could finish.

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