Silky Green and Not That Mean

This slightly flared dress looks like a lovely spring garden before the heat of summer and lack of rain pretty much terrorize all those pretty flowers and herbs you worked so hard to grow. It’s silky and flowy and fresh with a distinct 1960s styling, I think.

I don’t know what this fabric is besides beautimous. It’s very thin and smooth but probably not silk. No maker–hand sewn, and pretty well from what I can tell. I’m SUCH an expert at these things. Zipper in back. Here are the rough measurements from side to side:

Pit2Pit: 18″
Waist: 16.5″
Length: 38″
Width at bottom: 31″
Sleeve width at hem: 6″

There are 2 pleats starting below the hips and continuing to the hem that give the dress such a cute flare.

Price: $25 plus shipping. Pls email me to buy!

Here’s the front view at the top, showing a hint of the zipper at the neck and the nicely done bust darts.

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