This Shaheen Fellow Is Somebody

(This one sold fast!)

I had a feeling, when I found this garment, that it was no ordinary tunic. I wore it several times, as did my sister, and I researched it so I could tell potential buyers about it. This Alfred Shaheen fellow, of Hawaii, apparently made lots of interesting stuff. And this is an Al Shaheen. Isn’t it lovely? Pretty sure it’s silk.

That being said, it’s not in perfect shape. The price will reflect that. At some point in its life, someone thought it was too long and took it up several inches in the hem. I didn’t want to let it out because it might have a fade line. There may also be a faint stain, slightly darker, in one of the white areas, but it may just be part of the pattern. I tried to get the camera to pick it up.

Where it was taken up, there was supposed to be another button and button hole. They’re now in the inside of the dress. The button on the inside isn’t attached great and there’s a frayed spot. Pictured below. But still. So pretty! Nobody will know it’s got issues when they look at you. They’ll have issues of their own–of jealousy for your cool duds.


Pit2Pit: 20.5
Waist: 19.5
Length: about 32, with the hem that got put in.

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