Turquoise and White Lace

Sea blue, turquoise, aqua, look at the sky… This aqua blue tunic is handmade and sweet. It’s a kind of rough linen blend fabric. Maybe linen blend. It doesn’t wrinkle that easily, so maybe it’s NOT! It’s not smooth cotton, though.

I gather my sister, in her hippie phase, wore this during the summer. Probably with jeans. I mean, I don’t wear jeans in the winter anymore, much less the summer, but I’m all about elastic waistbands anymore. The tunic is pretty straight-line, though there are darts at the bust for shaping.

I think it’s a little brighter than what I’m seeing pictured on the screen in front of me.


Pit2Pit: 17.5
Length: 27

Yours for $15 and shipping! Email me!

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