Brick Red Dress with Pleatage

Pleatage. What’s pleatage? Well, it’s how you describe the shoulders of this dress when you don’t really know that much about official words used in the fashion industry. There’s, like, gathers. Pleats. Something that makes it fancier than a plain house dress. I think it had a self belt at one time that was lost in the Thrift Mists.

The fabric is a kind of silky cotton. I like it! Easy to iron. Buttons up the front, obviously, and no zippers to accidentally get stuck on your skin. Not that I’d know anything about that. Era is…what, 1950s or 1960s? I dunno. But it’s not *new*.

My girls described this as “maybe polka dots” and one of them even drew a picture of somebody wearing the dress (see below) so you know what you’ll look like when you buy it.

No tag. Measurements are:

Waist: 16-16.5
Pit2Pit: 21, maybe, to be exact
Hips: 19-20
Hem width: 24
Length: 39, probably.

Can you tell I’m trying to teach the kids to help with measurements OH FINE this is how I measure too.

$25 plus shipping and you will look like an anime pencil drawing! Email me.

This is you. Maybe.

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