Swirly Green Fit and Flare

This one fits one of my kids, but she’s like, ugh, too girly. It looked SO cute on her. I bet it will look just a cute on you!

The hand made dress is in great condition, though you’ll want to watch the seams on the inside. They like to ravel. I reinforced the hem at one point, back when I was giving this dress a second life, so it’s in good shape. Back metal zipper. The fabric isn’t a crisp cotton, more a slightly transparent and slightly scratchy…something. Hey, I know it’s not silk! But can you get over the beautiful pattern? I love this print. I love GREEN. I love the twirly skirt.

Measurements, flat:

Waist: 14
Pit2Pit: 17
Hips: ?? (Mom, it FLARES, how do we measure this?)
Hem width: ?? 50? 49? Mom you did not show us how to measure these poofy ones!
Length: 40

$25 and shipping and you’ll be coming up green roses. Email me!

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