Swooshy Two Layer Babydoll Dress

Considering my fair to middlin’ age, I wore this dress back when it was manufactured in the 1990s. The tag says JUMP. That is its previous life — me. It always made me feel swooshy! I’m obviously still having trouble with photography — wow, it’s as hard to photograph black clothing as it is to crochet with black yarn! — but the dress is v pretty and in great shape. It’s got a bit of sparkle that isn’t really showing up well. I am teh sorry my camera skills are poop.

It’s so strange to me that the clothing of my youth is considered vintage and desirable now. Dresses like this, sure, but sheesh, some of those garments from the 80s! WHY do you want those? All we did was wear polo shirts with logos and really tight jeans and obsess over whether our shoes were white enough! It was super dumb.

Anyway, if you think this dress would make you or someone you like feel swooshy, too, here are the flat measurements:

Waist – 20, though it’s one of those high waists, obvs
Pit2Pit: Also 20
Hips: 21
Hem width: 25
Length: 35 (based on the outer layer)

$20 plus shipping. Email me to call dibs! It says L on the tag, I think, but I dunno, more M/L in the modern vanity sizing world.

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  1. The background is great! And I still have 1990s clothing in my closet. That I wear. I’d wail “How can that be vintage? Howwww?” but my age is showing. (I still have 1970s clothing that I wear. God, I have to get rid of stuff.)


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