Little Black Dress Number One

I have probably more black plain dresses in my collection than any other single type of garment. They tend to be in good shape when I find them, as if they weren’t worn as often. The self belt that might have been on this dress has flown to better lands, so you can pair it with ANY color if you’re a belt person. The material is…well, I’d say raw silk, but I don’t know what the heck I’m talking about. It’s got a texture to it and some sweet details at the waist. It’s lined, back zipper, great shape, very practical yet elegant.

I…did not ever have occasion to wear this dress, as I am not very practical and definitely not elegant. So it’s only had one life, when it was created in the 1960s by Georgee, according to the tag.

Flat measurements:

Waist: 14.5
Pit2Pit: 18.5
Hips: 21
Hem Bottom: also 21, how about that
Length: 43

$20 and shipping, and this is your new practical elegant dress! Unless you pair it with craaaaaaaaazy accessories and then it loses some elegance and gains some woot. Email me!

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