Spearmint Fresh Chevron Sweater

My kids, who are Quite Rude Young Ladies, called this one the “horrid teal shirt u know the 1” and I don’t know why because it’s not teal and it’s not horrid so maybe I don’t know the one? Maybe I’ve got a horrid teal shirt up there that they measured instead of this minty sweater. This one had two lives, the second with me for work, usually, And I found one stain, randomly on the BACK, what gives? Usually I stain things over the breasticle area. It looks like somebody poked me with a pen. Anyway, that’s below. The material is acrylic, it’s pretty stretchy, and it’s super shapely with the chevrons and V neck.

Flat measurements:

Shoulders: 18
Pit2Pit: 20
Length: 24
Sleeve length: 24
Hem width: 20

For $15 and shipping, don’t you want to live your life in MINT? Email me!

PS My sister wants you to know she hates this shirt, too.

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