Splash Painted Weedy Dude Shirt

It’s going to be interesting, as I continue along this path, how in the HELL to label some of the many 1970s shirts in my collection that would like to defy description. So this to me looks like splash painted weeds. Green, brown, yellow, greyish blue, some white, because why not? This shirt will both hide stains and provide sufficient camouflage should you need to hide in the bushes while eavesdropping, like you do. It’s like suburban ninja shirt, brought to you by “Joel.”

Plus the collar is so big you can probably FLY out of danger. Plus it never needs ironing (see below).

Flat measurements!

Collarband: 18
Shoulders: 18.5
Pit2Pit: 21.5
Length: 28
Hem width: 21
Sleeve: 9.5
Sleeve cuff width: 7

For $15 and shipping you can be the stealthiest creeper at the back yard barbecue! Email me.

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