Sweater of Rainbow Fleck Awesomeoness

This probably 1970s sweater had its second life with me in the 1990s and early 2000s when I wore it as a work shirt and sometimes just to be cool. Loved the V neck! It’s all about rainbows without actually being a rainbow item. The material is acrylic, like so much from the 1970s, and a little scratchy, but nothing some Benadryl can’t help you handle. Ok, seriously, it’s not that bad, if I was willing to wear it. If it had a tag — probably — I suspect I cut it out long ago because it annoyed me.

It stretches some so you don’t have to have stick arms to wear it. Thinking of stuffing some pantyhose with fiberfill to simulate “arms” on Duchess, my mannequin, heh. Flat measurements:

Shoulders: 19
Pit2Pit: 20
Length: 24
Sleeve: 24
Hem width: 20

For $20 and shipping, this will be your rainbow delight except not quite rainbow! Email me to call dibs.

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