Blue Satin Loveliness with Sleeves

In a shock of shocks, I even have the BELT that goes with this snazzy, straight skirted dress! I love it when I have the belt. Makes me feel competent. So it’s more of a ribbon or tie than actual belt but I still HAVE IT.

The three quarter sleeves are pictured in more detail below–they’re not as narrow as they look in the droopy arm pic here. The material is in great shape, nice and shiny and free of picks and rips. The neckline is one of those…wide sideways things. What is this called? BOAT. I’m told it’s BOAT. Basically it means it’s harder to hide your bra straps, if you’re so inclined,

Here are the flat measurements of this pretty girl:

Waist: 14
Pit2Pit: 20
Hips: 20
Hem width: 22.5
Length: 40.5

The kids forgot to write down where the zipper is. Let’s see if we can figure it out from the photos I’m about to upload below.

For $25 and shipping, you can wiggle around in this dress to your heart’s content! Email me.

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