Black Embroidered Jonathan Logan Dress

I’m learning more about vintage clothes forcing myself to sell my babies than I did when I was just wearing and loving them! So this is a “Jonathan Logan” who is also some designer guy who made things people like. I googled and couldn’t find any dresses exactly like this one so I’m unclear as to WHEN this dress would have been first available. 1960s or 1970s? Feel free to educate me in the comments!

Either way it’s in fantastic shape and it’s really lovely. The embroidery is striking against the black cotton. Skirt is not completely see-thru because it’s 2 layers. The black fabric is very fond of pet hair — so let that be a warning to you. I’ve done what I can on my end. The squared off buttons are all intact, and there are elastics at the sleeves instead of buttons. And it’s…not a big garment. It was, in its second life, worn by my hip sister in her hip environmental education days in the hip state of Wisconsin. Probably with boots on her feet and cheese curds in her hand.

What kind of cheese will YOU eat while wearing this dress? Flat measurements:

Shoulders: 14
Pit2Pit: 17
Waist: 14
Length: 35
Arm cuff embroidery spot: 5.5
Sleeve: about 22.5

$35 and shipping, and you’ll be swanning around in Jonathan Logan! Email me!

It’s a tag! Woohoo! With dude’s name!

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