Blue Floral Wrappy Skirt

I really enjoy the busy yet harmonious print on this well-made cotton skirt. I look at this and think, that can hide ANY stain I care to spill on it! NOT THAT IT HAS STAINS. The skirt’s in great shape, and it had a previous life as a stage diva in a children’s musical variety show that had a 70s theme. It may be reversible. Has a plain little tag that says Tumbleweeds, which I didn’t photograph but I can upon request. It’s also reversible! Two skirts in one.

The skirt as a wrap skirt is somewhat flexible on sizing, especially if you pin the outer edge closed, heh. Thus it was an interesting challenge to take measurements. How was it MADE to be worn? How much can you push it? How much to you want to flash your underpants? All things to consider. But here’s my best attempt!

Waist at smallest: 13, probably more 15/16. 17 is the biggest you can wear it without having an actual gap, and you’d want some pins. Hell, if you buy it, it’s yours and you can literally sew it up except for the top 6 inches and wear it at full extension. If you wanted. I did not want, because I mostly wear long skirts, to hide when I haven’t shaved my legs, which is usually.
Length: 27

$25 and shipping and this is your new stain hiding wrap skirt! Tumble around with these weeds. Email me!

Also Kid2 would like to tempt you — for $7 more dollars, you can get these special matching lady bug earrings below!

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