Purple Translucent 40s Lovey

Some of these dresses and garments aren’t just dresses. Some of them are my LOVEYS. Lovies? Loveys. You know what I mean. I love them, but I know that others will love them, too, and my big butt says it’s time to let them go.

This beautiful 1940s floral cotton dress was one I put on over my dance leotards going back and forth to class. Anytime I wore it, I felt twice as precious as I had moments beforehand. Which actually isn’t much, because I’m not real precious. But you can see why! Those pin tucks, that neckline, the little rhinestones in the bow! With only a few stones missing! LOL.

But I hope this dress makes you feel as fancy as I always did. Even my KIDS like this dress. Measurements:

Shoulders: 17
Pit2Pit: 22
Waist: 17
Hips: 22.5
Length: 43
Hem width: 33
Preciousness: 527

Asking $30 plus shipping because it’s in nice shape, unlike another lovey I’m not bothering to sell. Two stones missing, one mark on a shoulder. It’s also a flaw that it’s too small for me now. Email me!

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