A House On Fire–With Rayon?

I confess I am not great at identifying the types of materials of the dresses in my collection. This is a ‘not cotton’ dress with a zipper in the back and some darting under the bust and high on the waist to create more shape than the standard sack. It’s not that heavy doubleknit and it’s kind of silky but with texture. Also…pockets! You could keep snacks in those pockets, or a cellphone, or an extra pair of socks, or even a smallish bearded dragon. Now, these “house dresses” are called “house dresses” not because the wearers loved house music (I mean, I wore them and I like house music, but no) but because, I guess, the wearer was supposed to hide away in her house doing housework in a dress like this, even though it’s cute.

The pattern is a black/red/maroon/white chex mix. The dress is in great shape. No tag, might be home made. Just found the self belt, which is a ribbon thing in the same material, not a buckle belt. Back metal zipper. Will not improve your vacuuming skills, but see the aforementioned versatility of the pockets.

Shoulders: 15
Pit2Pit: 20
Waist: 18.19
Hips: 22
Length: 41
Width at hem: 30 (so there’s some flare)

What will you put in your pockets? ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL??? $25 and shipping and it’s yours! Email me.

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