A Swimmingly Checkered Blue Shirt

Today I learned of a thing. And that thing is that this groovy blue and white shirt that has withstood many washes and wears is actually meant for swimming or as a swimming cover up! That explains why it has only 4 widely placed buttons. That being said, it wasn’t hard to wear it as a regular shirt for umpteen years. And it’s in fantastic shape! Plus…the collar is nearly as wide as your shoulders.

This is a slinkier material than most swimsuits, plus it’s from the 70s, so it’s not the special SPF fabric they make now. It’s a kind of lush, stretchy polyester, if there is such a thing. Has a nice feel, and is very helpful if you need to blind anyone. Just get in their line of sight and jiggle slightly. Soon they will be mesmerized without knowing why. Brand is DeWeese Swim and Sun.

Shoulders: 15 — collar is 14 lol
Pit2Pit: 19
Sleeve length: 20
Cuff width flat: 3.5 (solid cuff, no button)
Hem: 18.5
Length: 25

$20 and shipping and it’s yours! For swim or sun or leisure or collar contest bragging rights. Email me!

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