Teacher, Teacher, Brownie, Collar

Sometimes you just need to show the world that you won’t be tolerating any of that nonsense. This is what the kids and I always think of as a “teacher dress” even though teachers don’t wear stuff like this anymore. It’s a Leslie Fay brand, and whoever had it before me got some wear out of it. Gonna guess 1970s. The black is faded a bit, but the material is still nice and holds a crease, and the whites are much whiter than any white Tshirts I own. LOL. No spaghetti was eaten by me in this dress!

The dress is fully lined except for the sleeves, which are scandalously translucent. Material is a kind of rough cotton mix, maybe? All buttons and such intact. The underlayer skirt is the same material as the outer layer, not just plain, which you don’t always find. Full front zipper. Lovely pleats on the outer skirt. The size is another “not large” size, with a bit of a nip in the waist. Measurements:

Shoulders: 14.5
Pit2Pit: 18
Waist: 13.5
Hips, based on straight underskirt: 18
Length based on outer layer: 40
Hem width based on underskirt: 23

Send me $30 plus shipping and I will send you this anti-nonsense garment! I mean, if you want to commit nonsense in it, if you’re able, I’m going to need photographic proof. Email me!

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