Light as Air Summer Blouse

This cotton blouse is cool, comfortable, pretty anti-wrinkle (I mean, *I* am not ironing stuff and look how fine it is!), and cute. Pair it with some green or pink pedal pushers and you’ll look like someone who shops for vintage clothes! Pair it with some ripped up jeans and people will wonder why you’re wearing such a cute shirt with ripped up jeans, and you can be all, I like contrasts in my life, okay? Either way — interesting!

Tag says Miss Fashionality, fits like a modern M/L. My daughter has suggested earrings you might want to add to your package, earrings she made herself! She’s saving for college. She’s 14. Kids, right?

The measurements are:

Shoulders: 15.5
Pit2Pit: 19
Length: 26
Hem width: 20

Why don’t you send me $15 and shipping costs and be a super interesting fashion icon? For the earrings, add $10, though the shipping should be the same. Email me!

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