Swirls for Girls! Or Anyone.

This is a deceptively simple black and white polyester 70s shirt. What’s deceptively simple about it? HOW DANG RUGGED IT IS. I carried this sucker around in the bottom of a purse, just in case I got cold, for a…while. And sometimes, back then before menopause, I actually got cold, too. Also wore it to the office when I had that type of job. My kids call it the “wiggly worm” shirt, but don’t let that put you off, because they are absolutely trying to put you off.

BUT…it is in fantastic shape and the collar is wider than Dumbo’s ears. Plus, Kid2 has earrings to offer with it!


Shoulders: 19
Pit2Pit: 23
Sleeve: 24.5
Length: 26
Buttons: functional

For $18 plus shipping, you can wiggle around in this to your heart’s content! And $7 more gets you the perfectly matched earrings. Email me!

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