Coronavirus Skirt from the 70s

When you look at this glorious burst of viral color with your head tilted to the side, it MIGHT be pants. Alas — or hooray! — it is a skirt with the belt-sash intact. If you need to attract ALL the attention and cause people to put on their sunglasses indoors, this is the skirt for you! If you have a small waist.

The skirt is that thick barkcloth stuff and there are a few rusty looking places, so it’s perfectly imperfect. The waist has metal rings so you can lace your sash belt in and out of the holes. Zipper in the back. If you wore this with a tanktop, you could perhaps survive a summer day, but with a sweater, you could survive a blizzard! Heh. Tag says Alex Coleman — of CA of course.

What top will YOU pair it with? Or go topless, your call! Measurements:

Waist: 12.5 – 13
Length: 41

Kid2 is working on some earrings for ya. Stay tuned! Email me if you want it NOW — Asking $25 plus shipping. Check the flaws and details below!

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