Are You Dotty For House Dresses?

I’m dotty for house dresses, even when they don’t have dots and adorable old buttons. My kids had some commentary on this garment. “This is a red alert in the form of a dress.” and “If you want to look like the aesthetic of a ‘retro’ coffee ship, this dress has the vibes.” I am choosing not to share the third comment.

The fabric is that really silky poly stretch that always feels cool to the touch. Dress has seem some days–I reinforced some spots on the hem. It may be hand made? I can’t tell. I like the gleam of the buttons and the way this dress is so simple but obviously vintage, too. Probably 60s or 70s, wouldn’t you say? Fits like a modern L, would also work as an M.


Shoulders: 17
Pit2Pit: 20.5
Waist: 20
Length: 39
Hem width: 24
Sleeve length: 8.5, but if you wanted to fold them up, they’re so silky they would need pins or something.

This dress will slink on over to your house for $18 plus shipping! Email me.

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