Flower Lace Overlay for Days

Here’s a kind of dress from the 60s, maybe, that’s fancier than the others I’ve shared so far. It’s a silky blue taffeta something or other with a grey lace overlay. I believe it’s hand made — no tag to be seen or remnants of a tag. I can’t spot any obvious flaw besides the flaw that most of my lovelies have now, which is that they do not fit me. In honor of the perfectly placed flower overlay on this dress, I crocheted some grey flower earrings, pictured below, that you may or may not want with it. The neck is a tiny V with a bow and the skirt has some flare to it. Back zippy zip.


Shoulders: 16
P2P: 19
Waist: 15
Hips: maybe 22? It flares some
Length: 42 — I am realizing this is SUCH a common length
Sleeves: 10.5
Hem of sleeve: 7

So you might not want to wear this to walk the dog…but you MIGHT! $28 plus shipping for the dress. $8 to add the custom earrings. Email me!

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