Scallops Are Delicious!

This is great material, a hand made dress, and someone was good enough at the SEWING to scallop the neckline and hemline. Holy moly, I am so not anywhere near that skill level with my barely-attaching-buttons and “Does it really need a hem?” abilities. I wore this dress in my wild and free 20s to go dancing, so it’s got some boogie vibes. I think it was probably made in the 60s. Back zipper. I found it in an antique mall and it called to me to take it out and party. So I did.

The measurements of this glorious burst of tropical green:

Shoulders: 25
P2P: 17
Waist: 15
Length: 32
Hem width: 22, so not a lot of flare

Kiddo has suggested 2 possible earrings, $8 for either pair or $8 if you want something like them but in different colors. The dress itself is $30 plus shipping. Email me!

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