Swing It Out, Sister. Or Brother!

If you are following along with my posts somewhat chronologically, as everyone SHOULD be, you will notice I have sensibilized my background. The flying superhero cat sheet is made of awesome, but I gather it distracts from, you know, my product. I would not want to distract from this or any other dresses! This one is in fantastic shape. It’s so silky and swishy and swirly. I’d say…70s. Does not have the self belt, but I’m sure you can do better than whatever THEY thought the self belt should be. About a modern M, very flattering on the bosoms. The pleats in the skirt are magical, because I sure as heck didn’t iron them in, but they’re STILL THERE. And the tag is…Lane Bryant!

Measurements for your swinginess:

Shoulders: 18
PtP: 19.5
Waist: 14.5
Length: 40.5

Dunno why the kids were finding all the extra half inches in there, but maybe you need that half inch. Me, I’d need about another foot, but we won’t go into that. This dress is all yours for $30 plus shipping! No earrings to match yet, but that could be remedied. Email me!

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