I Love The Kind Of Itchy Nightlife

I mean, if you have any familiarity with old style glitter shirts, you know exactly what this polyester disco dream feels like. It’s not silky. But LOOK AT IT! It’s pretty freakin’ awesome, and it’s in good shape. The buttons either never had rhinestones in them but were just beveled or all the rhinestones fell out. I dunno but at least they’re consistent! The sleeves have a bit of a bell at the wrist (pictured below) and there is a tag for laundry care, not maker, which I’ll send to you if you want. It’s just not interesting enough to post.

I always wore this as more of an overshirt than an only shirt. It’s super snazzy however you want to style it. Probably a modern M or thereabouts.


Shoulders: 14.5
Pit2Pit: 19
Length: 26.5
Hem width: 20.5
Sleeve L: 22.5

This shirt is yours for $20 plus shipping, and you too can glitter in the sun like a pop culture vampire! Well, in the winter sun. I would not recommend this in the hot summer sun. Email me!

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