Summer Dress? Fall? Whenever!

This “Stacy Ames” 1950s-1960s fit and flare is a sort of softer version of taffeta — I really don’t know my fabrics — and it’s in quite good shape. (ETA I AM TOLD IT IS CREPE!) I had these tan, orange, and lime green shoes I wore with it and always felt super off-trend, in the best way! There’s a back metal zip and the skirt has got some sassy pleating. It’s, hm, sort of dressy? I wouldn’t wear it just to plop around the house during quarantine because then you’d have to wash it and it’s not one you can just toss in the wisherwash with some Tide. It’s probably a modern M to L, so not as tiny as so many!

My obnoxious older child’s quote for this dress is: “Ah, so you want to look like a high fashion orange juice bottle” and also that she hates anything close to taffeta.


Shoulders: 17
Pit2Pit: 19.5 (Kid1 says the dress is pretty busty)
Waist: 16.5
Length: 43.5

For $30 you can look like the tastiest orange juice ever! Email me.


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