Big Ole Flower Skirty

So, I guess with a 30 inch waist, this skirt isn’t as big as, say, a skirt I would be keeping for myself, but it’s BIG on flowers and gusto! The material is heavy, so it’s recommended for snowstorms and cooler weather than what we’re experiencing in the US right now, but there are so many beautiful colors in it that it will be easy to find a matching shirt. The garment is in great shape, but I didn’t try to wash it because I thought its first bath after being in my vintage collection could be a way for you and the skirt to get closer as friends. Back zip, button at the top.

The brand is Three Flags and here are the measurements of your new probably wintery friend!

W: 15 (remember, I am lazy and give “flat lay” measurements so it’s really 30)
Length: 41 (this is still accurate, heh)
Hem width: 27
Side slits: 8.5 inches up, to show off your cool boots, or leg warmers, or tights, or whatever you put under this baby.

For $25 and shipping, this is your skirt! Working on some earrings. How can I resist offering matching earrings for these beautiful flowers that look embroidered but aren’t? Email me!

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