Distorted Flags Or Something, I Dunno

Much of my collection, I confess, are 70s shirts and dresses of hardy polyester with flashy, bright colors and wide, wide collars crying out for their owner to pick them up at the tips and flap them and yell “I can FLY!” Probably I have a lot of these because that’s what catches my eye at the thrift stores. This pink, casual dress has some blue…squares…on it that could be a flag if flags weren’t flag shaped. It’s in great shape, machine wash, about a modern M to L, and here’s what my crappy kids have to say about this poor Joan Curtis garment:

“It looks like someone’s failed attempt to get into the modern art museum.” “I keep thinking there are blue giraffes all over this, but it’s actually just extra paint strokes.”

Friends, let’s prove them wrong! Wear this dress AND get accepted to the art museum…as an abstract giraffe! Measurements:

Shoulders: 15
P2P: 20
Waist: 17
Length: 40
Bottom hem: 24
Front buttons: 4

This is your dress for $20 and shipping. The GORGEOUS earrings are $8 and won’t add to the shipping amount…and can be separate if you really want. Email me!

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