Shiny Beautiful Brocade Oh My

The photos don’t do this dress justice. A lot of the reason is because I’m the one taking them and I’m a dope. The mannequin also doesn’t do this dress justice. This is because it doesn’t properly show that this dress IS NOT A TINY SIZE but the shoulders still look kinda line-backer in the way I cleverly pinned it so it wouldn’t hang like a sack. What I’m saying is, this is a nice dress and the photos are tricky and I need some lessons or something.

The material is in great shape except one stupid stain near the hip I’m scared to try to fix. What is this material? Is it regular brocade? Is it silk brocade? I don’t freakin’ know. Somebody made this themselves, probably to fit a special person for a special party. Back zip, that stupid hip smudge, lovely green interior. It hangs pretty straight down though it’s got darts. Measurements:

Shoulders: 15.5
Pit2Pit: 20.5
Waist: 20
Length: 39
Sleeves: 8.5
Width at hem: 24

Since it’s stained, only $25 plus shipping. Kid2 may be convinced to suggest some earrings here in the next couple of days! I can imagine so many that would look great with this dress. Email me!

I have added an attempt to photograph the stain that I tentatively tried to remove. I read that rubbing alcohol might be delicate enough on this brocade, and after a careful test in a hidden spot, it didn’t mess it UP…so I think I made the stain less prominent. It’s kind of below the hip off to the side. Looks like a fingerprint.

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  1. This definitely reminds me of the 1960s and ’70s, because I had a vermilion brocade dress that looked a lot like this. But this dress is better made, as that back view shows! This is darling!


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