Red and Black Style Attack

This sleek and silky lady is that flowy 1970s polyester that’s thinner than the “withstand apocalypse” type but likewise never needs ironing. I know I harp on that a lot, but I was a teenager in the 80s and I spent SO MUCH TIME ironing both my shirts and helping iron my dad’s dress shirts. It’s a chore and a half, as I’m rediscovering as I iron a lot of my vintage in preparation to show it off you to. Holy moly, it would be worth paying for dry cleaning if I had any money.

Anyway, the dress, I do believe this dress was selected by an actor in a musical theater production to be her 70s themed garment, so this gal has been in the limelight. Tag says “Happenings.” She’s missing her belt but has tiny string belt loops, so you can add whatever you like or just ignore them. She’s got a back zipper and she’s in very good shape. The sleeves/cuffs are plain. I love the way the diagonal designs flow across the body! Her measurements:

Shoulders: 17
Pit2Pit: 18
Waist: 14.5
Length: 42.5
Sleeve: 23

The suggested earrings that Kid2 photographed for us are below! She’s $28 plus shipping and earrings are $8. The beads on the earrings are from some vintage costume jewelry we repurposed. Email me!

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