Hot Pink and Padded!

This is a rough satiny silky something Jackie O dress. I guess it’s called a Jackie O if it’s one of these fitted shifts? I don’t know. I just googled it and it wasn’t this consistent. The darts are darty, the fabric is attractive, and the beads around the neck are intact. The unusual thing is that the neck is…padded. I guess so the beads look better? Why do you need a padded neck? Was this a noteworthy trend? I also googled “vintage dress with padded neck” and my results were inconclusive, heh. Was this during a fear-of-vampires era and people didn’t want to get bitten? Was it to make your actual neck look skinnier, because who doesn’t want to be known for a skinny neck? Anyway, I like the good cheer of this dress and it’s in decent shape. There are some flaws that look like they might be the annoyed remains of water droplets. My children’s most noteworthy comment is this looks like Sharpay from High School Musical when she’s 60 and has to attend the second wedding of one of her grown children.

Shoulders: 15.5
Pit2Pit: 19
Waist: 17
Sleeve: 9.5
Length: 38.5

Asking only $25 and shipping! Email me.

Dear Vampire: Better luck next time, Mr Bitey!


  1. Holy moley, I could swear I know the suit version of this dress! Complete with the detail around the neck. This is the kind of thing that you can look downright fancy in!


    1. Wait until I manage to get the pastel pink satin brocade Jackie O and matching jacket with rhinestone buttons posted….


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