Springtime in Polyester

This bright and tidy house dress with its zipper front and flowery print is lacking something that angered my children. Two things, really. It doesn’t have mushrooms and it doesn’t have pockets. They really thought this dress had a mushroom and pockets vibe so this dress disappointed them. But also, my kids are picky jerks. *I* think this dress is pretty cute and the collar has that great wideness so popular in the 70s. Plus the back view — see below. The thin, silky polyester has a few invisible picks in the front you can feel but not really see, probably something the cats did when I was wearing it. Not holes, just…flubs. My niece (Kid3) dubbed this dress “Peridot Promise” which sounds very designery! It’s about a modern M to M/L and has some stretch.

Shoulders: 16
Pit2Pit: 17
Waist: 17.6 (yeah, it’s kinda sacky)
Sleeve: 8
Length: 39

Only $15 plus shipping! I’ll nag Kid2 to pick out earrings for it, because this really needs something green, doesn’t it? Email me.


    1. Welllllllllll I have the dress clipped to the mannequin so it doesn’t LOOK like a sack. Like you do. But hey, you can clip it to your body with a belt! Unless you want to look like a sack. Sacks are cool. They hold stuff.


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