Mint Green Flower Splats

What would you call this color green? Mint? Minty spearmint? Minty turquoise? Algae? First blush of mold on bread? So many descriptions for this rather delicate, lovely blouse! It’s a softer, thinner polyester, not the slick stretchy stuff or the double knit. It feels a bit like a cotton blend, but it’s not. You still get that giant fly collar effect so popular in the 70s but the feminine touches take this shirt out of the disco and into…well, I hope into your closet! The sleeves have some blousiness, too. Tag says Women’s World, but honestly, if you don’t identify as a woman and you want this blouse, you should ignore the dictate of the tag and get it! The flowers, to me, look like they were playing paintball, but when the ball hit you, it made flowers instead of a paint splatter. It’s probably a modern L or thereabouts? Not a lot of stretch.

Measurements of this minty girl:

Shoulders: 17
Pit2Pit: 21.5
Length: 25.5
Sleeve: 24.5
Hem width: 23

Only $15 plus shipping gets you this shirt. Email me! I’ll see if I can convince Kid2 to create matching earrings, so watch this space :).

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