Pink Lounge Princess Wear

So I figure there’s loungewear and then there’s lounge PRINCESS wear. This absolutely cannot be a regular nightgown. It has a full back zip AND a hook and eye closure at the top, as if it were couture instead of something to sleep in and toss around and fight cats and get up 5x through the night to pee. The polyester is pretty soft, slightly transparent like all good nightgowns. I can’t find a tag or evidence of a tag, so someone actually sat down and voluntarily made this for reasons. An attached belt cinches it at the waist (see below). I will say that the lace around the neck is not the silkiest lace, but I have ideas for a remedy if you want to email me about it. Here are the measurements:

Shoulders: 15
Pit2Pit: 15.5
Waist: 13.5 (the ribs under the ruchiness, not the natural waist)
Sleeve: 24.5 (I swear all long sleeves fall roughly here, which is not so great for those of us with shorter or longer arms!)
Length: 54

$20 plus shipping to feel like the most precious Wee Willy Winkette in town. Email me!


    1. You think? Even though it’s straight up nightgown feeling material? I guess in the 70s it could be! AND COULD BE AGAIN, buyers 🙂


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