A Tribute To … Weeds?

My not very nice kids, when they wrote down the measurements and witty commentary on this dress (they do help, i swear), called this “the black weeds dress.” Now, it’s not as hip as a black WEED dress, which would have some lovely green leaves all over it, I guess, but it was the only way they could describe the pattern. As for me, I’m impressed I managed to keep track of the self belt for all these years!

The 1970s comfy house dress is the silky kind of polyester, has pockets hoorah, a back zipper, Vneck with wide dollar, and it’s in quite good shape. Perhaps because nobody ever wore this dress INTO THE WEEDS, am I right, and got it all scratched and torn? Tag says TRIBUTE. This photo, I am seeing right now, doesn’t do it as much justice as it should, because reasons, the reasons being I am just not getting much better at the photography part of this gig. Measurements:

Shoulders: 15
P2P: 20
Waist: 18
Length: 38
Sleeve: 9-10
Hem flares a bit. It’s probably a modern M-L and has some stretch, but it’s not really a dress you’d want to wear wiggle-tight.

This can be your weedy Tribute dress for $18 and shipping, which is less than you’ll pay for a dress anywhere outside of Goodwill and wish dot com. Heh. Email me!

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