It’s Edwardian But It’s Young

Now, this girlie is an “authentic” vintage dress. Meaning, it was bought, by me, retail in the early 90s and worn, by me, in the 90s as well. As much as I don’t want to admit the 90s is anything like “vintage,” apparently there are some folks who like 90s clothes? And 80s? I mean…80s??? But this is a really cute baby doll dress that I would have liked in any era. Tag says “Young Edwardian”, a jrs 9, which is semi accurate, back metal zipper.

The material is…not cotton. No real stretch. It’s that 90s poly taffeta rayon I don’t know stuff. Hopefully someone will come along and tell me. It will wrinkle some but the wrinkles steam out. Tag says ‘dry clean only’ but…no, I would not have been able to afford that in the 90s. It’s in very good shape for all that. The pleated waist hits higher in the front and drops lower in the back. giving the skirt a flattering fullness. It’s also not so short that you’re gonna whoopsie too much. Unless you want to.


Shoulders: 16
Pit2Pit: 19
Length: 35
Sleeve: 17.5

It’s yours for $30 and shipping! Below you can see the suggested handmade by me necklace which is $5 more, no change in the shipping. You like? Email me!

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