Sequins and Shoulder Pads WooHoo

My children came close to calling dibs on this 1980s sequined blouse but I talked them out of it. Now you can benefit! Be the belle of the supermarket or the dog park or wherever you go in this colorful shirt that boasts shoulder pads like a Dynasty actor. The blouse falls to about the hips and has that fake-tied band that shirts of this era often did. The better to conceal snacks or maybe a couch pillow, whatever you need to take with you on your errands. I won’t say this shirt is in perfect shape and some sequins on the hip band have liberated themselves, but NOBODY is gonna notice that when they see your glory. Modern L-XL, generously sized.

Shoulders: 17, not counting pads
Pit2Pit: 23
Length: 25
Hem width: 21
Sleeve length: 24

Alas, no matching earrings. Yet. I’m working on it! It’s $18 plus shipping, so just email me! I know my prices are a bit less than other vintage stores, and as long as I can stay on this blog and people will buy, they can remain that way.

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