It’s Not Goth Just Because It’s Black

This was one of my favorites. I wore it to a lot of writer’s group meetings or conferences when I needed to look edgy-hip but also somewhat serious, and that effect worked as long as nobody talked to me, when the Awkward Ridiculousness took over. As such I will require the new owner of this dress to indulge in some awkward ridiculousness while wearing it.

It’s in good shape considering I loved it a lot. Back zip. Tag says “Miss Donna.” The buttons marching down the side are all THERE, and it has NO STAINS, an incredible feat on my part. IT’s a thicker polyester, not quite double knit, and the skirt has got a great flippiness going on. The drop waist does not make you look completely shapeless, as drop waists can sometimes do. My children and sister declared the neck “strangulation city” and made many rude comments about it when I attempted to get them to model it. You may wonder why all my photos are on this mannequin instead of my lovely children and sister, and that is part of the reason why. I know that live person photos are appealing to vintage buyers so they can see the garments on an actual human being, but the FACES the humans here MAKE in my BABIES is RIDICULOUS and not in the awkward ridiculous fashion I display in public. Also, this photo sucks, sorry. Black clothes are terrible to photograph. And did you know…black yarn is AWFUL to crochet with? You may well have! But just in case, now you do.

Measurements (generous modern M):

Shoulders: 15
Pit2Pit: 18
Waist: 15
Length: 37
Drop Waist area: 19
Skirt hem: Flared like a ticked off bearded dragon’s neck

Because this dress got some love, it’s only $25 plus shipping and not the thousands my soul says it should be. I love this dress. Email me if you love it too.


  1. What a great dress! With dark stockings – or even sparkly stockings – and little boots – or even just black pumps, this dress is a winner!


    1. I wore it with a variety of things, depending on the season — little red shoes, black sandals. Probably never pumps or boots, though!


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