Yee to the Heck Haw Beer Fest Awesome

This is a tagless garment. I don’t know if it was made especially for a costume, square dancing, lookin’ fine, or just being more awesome than anyone else walking down the street, but there you have it. It’s in great shape. No idea WHEN it was made, but it still falls safely under the vintage category because I myself have owned it for…some time. Whoever made this was a Very Good Sewer, which is funnier than saying seamstress or tailor or what have you. Side zip to help you get in and out. I love the quilting details and the fact that the corset tie matches them. I love how poofy the skirt is. It would clearly lend itself to crinoline use OR just hiding a floatie under there that you stole from the pool after warning those damn kids not to leave it behind. Why you have this dress on at the pool, I’m less sure, but I can see that you might have the urge to wear it EVERY THE WHERE.

Let me hit you up with some measurements. Probably a modern M, scootching up on L.
Shoulders: 16.5
Pit2Pit: 20
Waist: 17.5, largest
Length: 39 minus any floatie theft
sleeve: puffstered

$40 and shipping for this unique beauty. You know when I’m pricing something over the high high amount of 25 that is super special! Email me if you want to be super special.

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