Flowery Blue Sundress with Pockets

I post a lot of polyester, because that appears with more regularity in the thrift stores where I amassed most of my collection, but I do love cotton dresses. Case in point, this fresh flowery sundress in a substantial-but-not-canvas cotton. 1970s, maybe? The tag says Smart Time and size 16, but it’s more like an M-L. A 10? Maybe. Definitely vintage sizing. The material is nice, not flobby, and there are POCKETS. I like the coverage on the shoulders instead of spaghetti straps because I’m from the generation who hates their bra straps to show. I know it’s not a big DEAL but I just can’t get over my knee jerk reaction to it. Plus, now that I’m aged, my bras are big and ugly and I’d like to keep that to myself. Despite sharing it on the world wide web. Heh. Back zip, attached belt, great shape.

The measurements of this summer-perfect beauty are:

Shoulders: 13, but there are no real SHOULDERS in a sleeveless dress…
Pit2Pit: 18
Waist: 16.5
Length: 42
Hem width: 25.5

This dress can be yours for $30 plus shipping! Working on earrings, so check back if you need further enticement :). Email me!

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