Checked and Cheerful

So, this cutie is the Flutterbye brand, and I actually have a green one a lot like this in the same brand I’ll put up soon! I guess I’d have liked this designer, back in the day. I like that the cotton is thick enough not to be transparent and not to need much ironing, though we did touch them up a bit with the steamer. My kids called this one “Picnic” though it’s a dress and it’s not all floofy and amenable to lounging on the ground, so I dunno, kids. But it’s in great shape, and it’s pretty, and NOBODY else is gonna be wearing one, wherever you may be going!

There’s one tiny stain, inside the front pleat. Back zip. Lovely fly collar. Probably a modern M, bordering on L, but it doesn’t have a ton of flare after the waist, so maybe not so much an L. This is not a curvaceous dress.

Shoulders: 16
Pit2Pit: 20.5
Length: 36.5
Waist: 18.5

Asking only $25 plus shipping, and working on some earrings! I’m thinking a yellow square with orange around it or vice versa? Email me!

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