Fluffity Yellow Cottonish Skirt

What can I say about this skirt? It’s yellow, it’s cheerful, it’s got random splotches and leaves on it, maybe some flowers, and what look like stalks of bamboo. I don’t really want to tell you what the kids said the flowers look like. It was a body part generally borne by biological males. Also I would like to say my children have not seen a naked biological male in a way that they could make this call, because I scared them about porn too much for them to go looking for it online. Either way, I don’t think you should let that stop you, though. It just means it matches with a LOT of different shirts! Buttons at the waist. I’m thinking 1970s or 1980s but if you know something different about this style or fabric, tell me.

It also has that most magical of inventions…much more magical than a body part…pockets.

The skirt is pretty floofy even though I forgot to take a picture of it spread out. If you’re trying to decide on it and you want that pic, email me and I shall obey. Here are the measurements!

Waist: 14
Length: 28
Hem width: 27
Pockets: existing

Only $15 plus shipping! Let me know if you have questions 🙂

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