Ahoy, Ladies!

This…is a sailor top. It is missing its scarfy thing, which I bet was navy blue, so you should insert a scarf of a different color when you wear it. The material is a cotton or cotton blend, not TOO inclined to wrinkle, and the large sailor collar in back will definitely hide the stubs where you’re growing your wings. The shirt hits right at the belt but isn’t cropped, and the three quarter length sleeves are cuffed but without buttons. I’m thinking 50s or 60s? Picturing it with pedal pushers or capris. Well, that would be the traditional way to wear it. You may put it with black and pink leather hotpants or a foofy crinoline. It’s really your call! It’s in good shape and I did not see an obvious tag. My kids were unkind about this garment, you’ll be shocked to hear, ie, “It’s a cross between schoolgirl and sailor, but only the parts I hate” and “Hehe picnic blanket ass.” Friends, my kids are jerks.

You will not look like a picnic blanket ass at ALL in this shirt! Measurements:

Shoulders: scribbble, wtf, kids! (Measuring is supposed to be their part, besides the rude comments…it MAY say 15.)
Pit2Pit: 20
Bottom Hem: 18.5
Sleeve: 18
Length: 30

Spring, fall, winter, you’ll be spiffy and checked. $20 plus shipping and $5 for the earrings Kid2 made! Email me!

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