You Can Blend With the Meadow

The material on the flower spattered dress is fun, not too thick rayon, which means it defies wrinkles better than your standard cotton. The variety of plants depicted on here is impressive, so when you walk around you’ll feel like you’re wearing a wildflower garden. Made of rayon. I like the purple stripe down the middle and buttons that keep it from being entirely creme colored, and the purple matching collar is a nice touch. My sister used to wear this with jeans and boots to work, when there was a lot of snow, so she could look groovy but also not freeze.

While Kid1 thinks Kid2 could “color this better with her eyes closed,” I have seen what Kid2 does with her eyes closed, and I simply cannot agree. Nor do I agree this is the dress version of the Yellow Wallpaper. It is not going to drive anyone mad, I PROMISE. It’s CUTE and my kids are DUMB. This is my new REFRAIN because they are just getting really MEAN with their COMMENTARY.

Here are the MEASUREMENTS:
Shoulders: 18
Pit2Pit: 20
Waist: 18
Length: 39.5
Hem width: 23 (so it falls pretty straight)
Sleeves: 15.5

For $20 and shipping, you will be the belle of the meadow! Wildflowers galore. Email me!

1 Comment

  1. I think you’re right, it’ll look great with jeans and boots! I’ve always wanted a suit with this kind of pattern, so whoever buys this has a great piece to wear or use.


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