Rice Bowl? Mushroom? You Decide!

My kids think this MALIA of Hawaii dress looks like it has rice bowls all over it. I say it’s mushrooms and their spores. One kid wants to know why some of the rice bowls are together like cherries–are they hooking up? My kids, such nonsense. If you buy this dress, you get to say for sure what exactly is splattered all over it! Rice or plant…enthusiasm?

But seriously, this is a great dress. This is my second Malia and it’s just as well made and nice looking as the first. I love the little pintuck detail on the bodice and the floofy gathering at the waist that makes the skirt swing. What do you think–60s or 70s on this? It’s cotton and in fantastic shape. Back metal zipper. I loved wearing it. I loved that the bodice fit so corsetty that I could skip my bra, but that was definitely two kids and a LOT of years ago.

Measurements of this cutie:
Shoulders: 15
Pit2Pit: 16.5
Waist: 14
Length: 43
Hem: 30

Yours for $35 and shipping! Let me know if you’d like to see EARRINGS with a rice slash mushroom theme and I’ll put Kid2 to work! Email me!

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