Let’s Go Fish!

My kids think this shirt is dumb looking, and the fish needs to be punched in the junk. I’m like, kids, fish don’t really have “junk” per se, but they were not deterred. “He looks like he did some weed before they stuck him in place for his portrait,” Kid1 said. Kid2 said, “Whoever wears this is announcing they’re a child, but they’re a high fashion vintage loving child.” Then Kid1 said, “Hey, that sounds like me, shut up,” and Kid2 said, “Make me,” and then they got in a fight.

Especially in the warm months, I used to pair this cotton summer shirt with a pair of high waisted green knee length shorts from the 50s I’m really sorry I let go so I can’t sell you the outfit now. It was PERFECT and I felt so Funicello — though the beach party movies were in the 60s, I think. Heck, maybe this is 60s instead of 50s. It would be 20s (2020s) if it was my size, so you can make it a 20s shirt yourself!


Shoulders: 15
Pit2Pit: 19
Length: 24
Hem: 20

I’ll talk to Kid2 about helping me make some green fishie earrings. Or would you prefer purple? Feel free to make a request! The shirt is $20 plus shipping and the earrings would be about $6 if you want to match them up. Email me!

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